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Groose: The First Gerudo?

At first, it may seem a little crazy, but there are more details than you think. Some people believe that Groose may actually be the first male Gerudo. How is that possible? Lets look:

Groose has the same big traits that are common of any Gerudo: the yellow eyes, flaming red hair, and pale lips. He fell from the sky, and was the first of his kind to be on the surface. Seeing as this is the first part of the Zelda storyline, there were no Gerudo’s (that were introduced) in the storyline. Groose already told Link that he was staying in the surface the rest of his life. ALSO, in the end credits, you can see Groose flying on his bird towards Lanayru desert…

too much coincidences for Nintendo? One thing is for sure: everything they do is for a reason. Now (as far as I know) they haven’t concluded anything about Groose’s past or future on the surface, but there are a good amount of clues to what he did with his time down there. 

So what would this mean? The Gerudo’s were ancestors to Ganondorf, so this would mean that Groose was Ganondorf’s great-great-grandfather. Strange. If anyone has any other clues to the Gerudo’s beginnings, now would be a great time to try and link them together. As always, if more information comes, we’ll cover it!

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